Potholes to a cyclist are at best uncomfortable and at worst DANGEROUS.

There is now money available for repairs to roads. We all know the problems of trying to avoid damaged road surfaces. If reported, the local authority has a statutory duty to take action. It is very easy to report; Google or go to Cheshire East via their Transport and  Travel website at http://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/transport_and_travel.aspx (You can also find this link on our Cycle Map of Knutsford published in 2013).
Or get the App!

It is available for both iOS (Apple) and for Android phones.


You take a picture (helpful to include a scale of some sort, eg a glove), and give a brief description, and it is routed by CTC to the local authority concerned.

 To give you an idea; recently one of our members reported two potholes in Tatton Street, Knutsford. Follow the link below, click on the four tabs  to see what was sent in. This will enable you to follow the progress of East Cheshire in doing something about it.


Keep seeing an annoying pot hole? Then, do something about it –  report it, it’s now as easy as the ABC!



  1. Potholes should be those affecting cyclists, so those in the left side of the road which could throw you off or cause you to swerve into traffic. As much information as possible about location, please

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