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Knutsford Loop  CycleKnutsford is working with Knutsford Town Council and others to generate several cycle routes or ‘loops’ starting and ending at the Tatton Park Knutsford Entrance and using, wherever possible, the minor roads. This will also interface with The Revolution to access the start from anywhere in the residential areas of Knutsford. Once completed, the Town Council intend to issue a free updated local map showing these routes. Development of these routes is highlighting some of the issues of lack of cycle lanes and access to the countryside to the west of Knutsford, for example, as well as the need and difficulty of linking to adjacent areas e.g. Trafford.

The maps can be found in the  Local Routes Page. Please note that these routes will be subject to change as they evolve:
All Loops 1 to 4
Loop1-Rostherne   Loop2-Budworth-Pickmere  Loop3-Lower Peover    Loop4-Mobberley
(Note the maps pre-date the de-truncking to create the B5569)


The Revolution  No, not a popular uprising but a brand new circular cycle route around the quiet and residential roads of Knutsford! It has been designed to facilitate an interesting 6 mile ride around Knutsford and enable people to identify parts of it to maybe use for their daily commute. It will be formally launched on Easter Monday (2nd April 2018) from outside Bexton School and will be signposted for that day. See the MAP:

The Revolution: MAP


Tour of Britain and Cyclefest Passed Through Knutsford 6th Sept 2016 – What legacy did it leave? See a March 2018 update from the council:
Knutsford Guardian Article – Adam Keppel-Green Clerk’s Corner


New A556 bypass: Opened in March 2017 with detailed work continuing through the rest of the year. We are all used to it as motorists, but has it improved the lot of the cyclist?

Detail map of new bypass (zoom in to see the detail)

Map showing suggestions for cycle routes

The CycleKnutsford working party have put together suggestions for cycle routes within the town. These aim to connect with the town centre, sporting facilities and schools utilising quiet roads, pedestrian links and where appropriate, shared use footpaths.

for discussion with Cheshire East

Proposed Knutsford Cycle Routes

We are continuing to discuss these suggestions with Cheshire East to see if they are feasible. They would like feedback so please have a look and send your comments.


The following are links to some new and great rides in Cheshire (on our doorstep!)

This one is aimed at horse riders, but utilise tracks and bridleways which are in many cases shared access.


  1. I lived in Knutsford from my birth in 1965 until 1989 and my parents always cycled for shopping etc. (they still live in Knutsford and still cycle to the shops in their 80’s) and they taught me proper, vehicular cycling on the road.
    I was interested to read your comments about cycling over The Moor. As children, we never cycled along the path by the duck pond as it was common sense and there were prominent “no cycling” signs (there was greater respect for the law in those days!!!). The only other metalled path that existed in the 70’s was the one by the Scout hut which linked Swinton Square to the path leading upto Holy Cross church – I often cycled along this route as there were never any signs which said one wasn’t allowed to and not a single pedestrian complained in the 15 years that I used it.
    I would like to point out that the path from the bottom of Middlewalk to the car park entrance by Tatton Lodge was CREATED BY CYCLISTS FOR THE BENFIT OF CYCLISTS. Us kids knew that we weren’t allowed to cycle by the duck pond so we created an alternative route for cyclists along this desire line. I am not aware of any cyclist who was ever told that they were not allowed to cycle over The Moor along this route. It is only within recent times (perhaps the last 10 years?) that someone has decided to metall it. If someone is now saying that cyclists are not allowed to use it then that is disgraceful because it is a path created by cyclists for cyclists and in continuous use by cyclists for the 15 years (total use by cyclists will be longer than this) that I was cycling in Knutsford precisely to avoid any conflict with pedestrians.
    Incidentally, this is part of the excellent link between Toft Road and Mobberley Road (at top of Middlewalk) but the council have cocked this up at some point by making Church Hill one way – obviously done by car drivers for the benefit of car drivers without – contrary to DfT Guidance – analysing how the scheme would affect other road users. An exception for cyclists to the “one way” restriction on Church Hill needs providing asap.
    I hope that the council are swift to honour the Knutsford children of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s who created and used this cycle link across The Moor and erect proper cycle path signage without delay.
    Let me know when you would like me to attend the opening ceremony !!!!

    Yours sincerely
    Alastair Hopkins, Penn, Wolverhampton
    (Member of: Wolves on Wheels Cycle Campaign; CTC; Tandem Club; & Wolverhampton Wheelers CC)

    • Hello Alistaire. We were greatly interested in your message; like you we are very frustrated and still battling the local authority who have numerous excuses complaints, not cost effective etc etc. My computer is poorly at the moment but when fixed will send whatr you say to highways and town council

      • Thanks to Alastair Hopkins for some very useful information concerning the origin of one of the paths across the Moor. I was not aware of this at the time of writing CycleKnutsford Paper 2013/7, but it is clearly very relevant to discussions with East Cheshire Council..

  2. Just wanted to let you know The Tearoom at Morley Garden Centre, Altrincham Road , Wilmslow SK9 4LY welcomes cyclists.

    The tearoom is open 7 days a week .
    Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm
    Saturday 9.00am to 4.00pm
    Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm
    01625 520236

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