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Cycleknutsford AGM 2014: Chairman’s Notes

Cycleknutsford AGM 2014: Chairman’s Notes

On Thursday 20th November 2014, CycleKnutsford held our  6th AGM in the beautiful oak clad function room upstairs in the Angel Inn.

On arrival a video was running showing the Poynton shared space scheme. A variety of people attended the meeting, mostly members and their friends of all ages and genders. The meeting kicked off with a very speedy AGM, announcing amongst other things that the biggest achievement for the group during the last year was to have been included in the ‘town plan’. This means that the town council will work and communicate with CycleKnutsford to promote cycle routes and pedestrian access as a sustainable and healthy form of transport. The chairlady was also thrilled to announce that Knutsford’s first cycle route is to be implemented next year.

After the AGM, the meeting moved swiftly to their first speaker – Laurence Moore who had travelled all the way from Poynton to share his experiences and illustrate the working of the shared space scheme in his home town. At first he had been against the plan, but since it was implemented he has been totally converted and actually believes Poynton has been revolutionized. The chairlady wondered after hearing and seeing Laurence’s presentation if Knutsford could be enhanced with a similar scheme, as in Poynton.  Councillor Malloy observed that just such a scheme is being considered. There was a short Q&A about the scheme, some interesting facts, comments and concerns were covered and noted.

After such a lively start to the meeting, everyone was glad to sit back and be whisked away with Andy Coatsworth, one of the committee members of the group. It was incredible to hear his adventure and see the most professional pictures taken by Andy on his recent trip to the Himalayas, across a plateau in Tibet. Andy brought to the group a host of information about how to succeed on a trip like this: from choice of tour group to specifying his bike even down to the handle bar style, tyres and even use of bags v panniers! He showed many fascinating images of the Tibetan culture, their life style, all of this from a place that only some of us can dream of.

The chairlady, Su, finished off by saying that some of us may wonder if we are capable of a journey like this, but, one small step can make anything happen! And after all, in the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.

Su thanked everyone for attending;  to the Angel  Inn, for allowing us to  host the AGM in their handsome oak clad room;  to her hard working committee and to the speakers of the evening.

Su concluded, saying that CycleKnutsford are always looking for new members and your voice will make a difference.

Next year will be about communicating with our members, arranging bike training, bike rides and coming up with more cycle route ideas’.

Please consider becoming a member – (About CycleKnutsford Tab)

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