Posted by: cycleknutsford | July 23, 2014

Safety around horses – tips for cyclists

1. Let horses and riders know you’re there by calling out ‘hello’ as you approach – remember you’re almost silent on the roads so never creep up on them! 
2. Pass wide, slow and on the right, and if possible, ask the rider if it’s ok for you to pass them before you do so. If you’re in a large group, split into smaller groups of four or five.
3. Be visible to riders – hi-vis and reflective clothing will not only help keep you safe on the roads, but will enable riders to spot you from further afield.
4. Keep an eye out for horses – hoofprints and fresh dung are good signs they’re about. Remember on bridleways cyclists must give way to horse riders and pedestrians.
5. Say thanks, smile or wave when riders show you courtesy or consideration – they should do the same, but if they don’t it may simply be because they’re concentrating on controlling their horse.

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